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A small group of Bookworms met up at Shakespeare's Globe in London in March 2000. It was an excellent day out and I would recommend it to you. The new exhibition centre is fascinating. You can come and go as you please - just keep your ticket and if you wish to go elsewhere for lunch, which we did, you can go back later to catch the bits you missed the first time round. Performances take place in the summer so that could be a trip for the future. In fact I did attend a performance when at Summer School in August - The Antipodes - not Shakespeare but of that period. It was an enjoyable experience although I'd have preferred Shakespeare since that was what I was studying! 

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Click on the images for larger versions of the photos. In the first photo, from left to right is (chat names) Snark, Danii, Noddy, Shiraz & Padd. I have been replaced by Mr Shiraz in the photo on the far right.

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