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Danii's book site - for more ideas of what to read.

Bookworms was born in 1998 and was an on-line reading group I set up to encourage discussion between a greater variety of readers than is usual in a reading group. We had young and older members, male and female, and our discussions were lively and fun. A number of real-life friendships were forged as a result of Bookworms. The group folded in 2006 but most of us have kept in touch and I decided to keep this site online as some people have found it a useful guide for books to read.

You can also read about several of the Books Meets the group have enjoyed in the past.

Discussion of many books can still be found in the Tiscali forums here. Please feel free to participate, even if you're not already a Tiscali member. You can sign up for a pay as you go account to get a log-in name and password to enable you to post, but don't have to use it to access the internet.  

If you'd like to see what we read and discussed in past years, please click  Books for 1999, Books for 2000, Books for 2001, Books for 2002, Books for 2003, Books for 2004 or Books for 2005. Unfortunately the first year's books were not recorded on a website. We have read some excellent books so please check them out. Apart from the books listed above, you can reach Amazon direct from this site by clicking on the logo. 

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